Tradition and Quality

The perfect pizza is the balance of essential elements:

- Dough

- The ingredients of the compound

- Leavening times

- Garnish with fresh and first choice products

The method of our Chef Federico Petrella has fixed rules and is studied on combined minerals of different flours in terms of starch, protein, dietary fiber content and tested day by day on the strenght of the blends, gluten, humidity, and ambient temperature. Our pizza is the result of careful research and continuous experimentation on flours mixed with art, passion and taste to create a natural and light dought, simply unique. We select first quality products and culinary excellence from Campania and region. For this reason, at any time of the year, we vary our menu by offering only the best seasonal excellences. Aromas, flavors, vivid colors of the neapolitan tradition will transport you to a varied world of exquisite sensations.


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